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Our Mission

To connect the people of Berrien County to the information and resources they need for emotional wellness, thereby preventing suicide.

Key Points

Connect:  Information is available from many good sources. We will seek to make people aware of it and help them access it.

Berrien County:  Our focus is on the people who live in Berrien County, Michigan.

Information and Resources:  We are seeking quality, evidenced-based literature, workshops, presentations, etc.

Emotional Wellness:  Knowing that depression and other emotional disorders that lead to suicide often exist for years prior to a suicide, we will seek to help people identify and treat these disorders. 

Preventing Suicide:  In addition to the important goal of helping people deal with an immediate suicide threat, we believe that dealing with conditions that lead to suicide will also reduce suffering and suicidal thoughts.

Guiding Principles

A. We will not compete with or duplicate the services of existing organizations. 
B. We will be neutral on political, religious, and social issues so as to not distract or divide our group.