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A Berrien County suicide attempt survivor and participant in the Berrien County Suicide Prevention coalition, has written a short memoir of her life. You may download it here for free. You may send her questions or comments to


Fact Sheet-Youth Suicidal Behaviors - The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services just released a fact sheet on Michigan youth and suicidal behaviors.

How to Help Someone who is Suicidal: Article from


Ride the Tiger: A Guide through the Bipolar Brain: One-hour documentary that tells the stories of those with bipolar disorder. 

Person-Centered Care: What can we do to prevent suicide? That is the topic that John Draper, PhD addresses in this six minute video, Person-Centered Care in Suicide, from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's website.

Zero Suicide: The Zero Suicide concept is fairly new. Watch Michael Hogan, PhD as describes the concept in a nutshell in this four minute video, Zero Suicide in Health Care.

“I Had a Black Dog, His Name was Depression.” A four minute simple, yet effective, animated video about depression, Please take a few minutes to watch it and share it with others.


Comic stripHow mental health is often treated differently than other illnesses.

Mental Illness should be treated as any other physical malady

Social Media Suicide Prevention Links

YouTube Safety Center - Suicide and Self Injury

Facebook Help Center - Suicide

Web Sites

Counseling Guide for Suicide Prevention
Many helpful links on the signs of suicide, prevention and how to get help.
this is my BRAVE website
Our Vision: “One day we will live in a world where we won’t have to call it “brave” when talking about mental illness. We’ll just call it talking.”
Our Mission: To end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.
These are our goals: De-stigmatize mental illness, Combat isolation,
Create an online community, Reduce teen suicide