Free Counseling Services at Andrews University

The Andrews University Community Counseling Center (ACCC) will have openings for many new clients when they re-open in January 2023, after the semester break (although individuals interested in services are encouraged to call now and leave a confidential voicemail message to get their name toward the top of the waiting list now). Graduate-level practicum students who provide these free counseling services at the ACCC have training in counseling adults, adolescents, and children. Counseling sessions are completely confidential.

All practicum counselors are doctoral- or masters-level students who have had at least preliminary counseling experiences, have been evaluated by licensed professionals as ready to provide counseling in a supervised clinic setting, and each practicum counselor provides services under professional supervision.

Types of referral issues accepted include, but are not limited to:

  • loneliness

  • relationship issues (e.g., marital and premarital counseling)

  • grief and bereavement

  • social skills problems

  • behavioral problems

  • bullying problems (victims and perpetrators)

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • academic problems

  • career guidance

  • parent-child conflict

  • personality assessments (for the purpose of treatment planning for ongoing therapy at the ACCC)

  • and many others (including just needing a listening ear when social support is limited)

The ACCC cannot take on cases that involve court testimony, disability evaluations, custody disputes, walk-in crises, or that require around-the-clock availability of intensive services (e.g., frequently actively suicidal or violent thought disorder).

A brochure and additional information is available online here:,-spring-.pdf

If you refer a potential client, you are asked to give them the phone number for the ACCC (269-471-6238). The ACCC will re-open January 9, 2023, and start contacting clients within a couple of weeks after re-opening, but individuals may call now and leave a confidential voicemail message to get on the waiting list right away.

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