Mental Health Crisis Calls in Berrien County

Mental health related calls to crisis lines are far too common. But how common? How are they handled? How could they be handled more successfully?

These questions will be explored on Tuesday, August 16 from noon to 1:15 pm during a virtual presentation sponsored by the Berrien County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

The presentation will include speakers who will provide information on the number of calls to the Berrien County Public Safety Communication Center (911) and the suicide crisis line. They will also discuss challenges that first responders face when responding to the calls. Lastly, there will be information about what is currently being done to improve responses and what discussions are taking place in the county to further improve responses.

Speaker List:

  • Caitlin Sampsell - Director of Berrien County Public Safety Communication Center

  • Ashley Kipp - Vice President of Impact at Gryphon Place (Suicide Crisis Lifeline)

  • Lt. Ryan Schoonveld - Michigan State Police and co-chair of ALPACT

  • Gretchen Carlson - Berrien Crisis Intervention Training Coordinator

There will be time for questions and comments. You can email your questions to ahead of time or submit them using the chat function during the meeting. If a speaker cannot answer your question during the meeting, we will make sure that your questions are forwarded to them for a response. The meeting is free and will be held using Microsoft Teams.

You can join the meeting using the following link.

Click here to join the meeting

If you have any problems getting into the meeting, call 269-428-7226.

Trent Watford, Chairman Shaquille Turner, Vice Chairman Berrien County Suicide Prevention Coalition (269) 588-1133

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