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Webinar - Evaluating Media Portrayals of Suicide – April 5

Talking about suicide is an important part of suicide prevention, but how we talk about suicide matters! It is for this reason that the Preventing Suicide in Michigan Men (PRiSMM) Program at MDHHS has partnered with individuals from Stanford University and the University of Michigan to provide our state with a live webinar style training on TEMPOS (tool for evaluating media portrayals of suicide). This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, at 6pm and will answer the questions:

  • What is safe messaging?

  • Why does safe messaging matter?

  • What are the guidelines for reporting on suicide?

  • How do I easily implement the guidelines into my work?

The media plays an important role in suicide prevention and that is why the TEMPOS tool was created. It is the first tool that allows media professionals, public health officials, researchers, and suicide prevention experts to assess adherence to the recommended reporting guidelines with a user- friendly, standardized rating scale. This webinar will be geared toward journalism/communications students and media professionals. However, anyone who wishes to learn more about safe messaging for suicide prevention will benefit from this webinar and is encouraged to attend. This may include public health professionals, clinicians, and other professionals who speak about mental health and suicide.

Register at this link:

For questions about the webinar, email PRiSMM’s communications specialist, Megan, at

Download flyer for this event

Please to share this flyer with others. The flyer includes a clickable link to register.

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