With One Voice-Statewide Suicide Prevention Online Meeting-June 3

Updated: 4 days ago

With One Voice is an effort to bring together those in Michigan who are involved in suicide prevention efforts. The next online meeting for this effort is scheduled for Friday, June 3, from 2 pm to 3:15 pm. Save the date. A link for the meeting will be sent out beforehand.

At this time, speakers include Dr. Sallyanne Duncan of the University of Strathclyde & Dr. Ann Luce of Bouirnemouth University. They are the co-creators of Suicide Reporting Toolkit (Suicide Reporting Toolkit) and are experts on safe messaging. We will hear a somewhat different presentation from those doing suicide prevention work in the United Kingdom.

Also, Joseph Ojibway will talk about trauma within the indigenous culture. Mr. Ojibway is a psychiatric nurse practitioner here in Michigan. Speaking about trauma and it's negative health impacts is important in suicide prevention work and is the "upstream" work that is needed.

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If you have questions about this meeting, contact:

Michael Pyne



Desk: 231-724-6618

Cell: 231-638-9946

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