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Our regular meetings are normally held virtually on the third Tuesday of the month from noon to 1 pm. These meetings are open to the public.  To receive a link to the meeting send a email to


Please Note:

(If we ever need to cancel/reschedule a meeting due to inclement weather, we will post it on this website and on the closings at WSJM.)

Other Meetings Related to Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse or Mental Health

  • With One Voice-Statewide Coalition

Meets virtually quarterly
Stratetic Plan-With One Voice Stratetic Plan (

Contact Michael Pyne for more information at 

  • Michigan Association of Suicide Prevention-Statewide Coalition

Website- ​

Meetings-send an email to:

  • Michigan Suicide Prevention Commission 

Works with state departments, and agencies, and nonprofit organizations on researching the causes and possible underlying factors of suicide in this state.
Meets on the 3rd Friday of every month. Link to join virtual meeting
More information

  • Michigan Suicide Prevention Coalition Community of Practice 

The Michigan Department of Health hosts this meeting to support the work of suicide prevention coalitions  across Michigan.​

Meets the second Tuesday of every three months.  Click here to join the meeting

For more information contact Lindsay DeCamp at  517-335-0027 or

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