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Man Therapy Michigan

In 2020 there were 21 suicides in Berrien County and 18 of them were men. The Berrien County Suicide Prevention Coalition is joining with a statewide initiative, Preventing Suicide in Michigan Men (PRiSMM). This initiative is seeking to reduce suicides in Michigan men. Central to this initiative is a website at

The goal of the website is to work to reshape the conversation about suicide prevention and men’s mental health, using stories of hope, resilience and recovery, coupled with humor, to cut through stigma and tackle issues such as depression, divorce and even suicidal thoughts head on.

Man Therapy helps men connect the dots between issues they are having - such as depression, anger, anxiety, stress, divorce, unemployment, PTSD, substance abuse or other personal and mental health issues – and encourages them to do something about it.

The website provides men approaching crisis, and the people who care about them, an online resource to go to and learn more about men’s mental health, examine their own and consider a wide array of actions that can put them on the path to treatment and recovery.

Upon visiting, men and their loved ones can explore local and national mental health resources, real-life stories by men who have experienced and triumphed over mental health problems, a 20-Point Head Inspection where men can get a free and anonymous run-down of where they excel and where they can improve their mental health and more.

The Coalition needs your help to spread the word about this website. Visit the informational page at our website where you can download and print posters to place in businesses in Berrien County as well as download images and videos to share on social media.

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