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New Help for Veterans in Suicidal Crisis

Starting January 17, veterans in acute suicidal crisis are able to go to any VA or non-VA health care facility for emergency health care at no cost – including inpatient or crisis residential care for up to 30 days and outpatient care for up to 90 days. Veterans do not need to be enrolled in the VA system to use this benefit.

To learn more about the new VA Compact Act, visit the following link.

Other helpful information from our local Veteran’s Service Office:

The Berrien County Veteran’s Service Office now has a Facebook page that people can connect with to get the latest information.

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Military Edition is scheduled to start February 15, at the Berrien County Admin Building. Working towards financial peace, of course, resonates across one’s peace of mind.

The PACT ACT Awareness Event (Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act) Wednesday, February 15, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at the Berrien County Health Department, 2149 E. Napier Ave., Benton Harbor. In addition to vets exposed to burn pits, the Pact Act also added two new presumptive conditions for Agent Orange Exposure (MGUS & Hypertension) and seven new presumptive locations. Veterans or widows of veterans that served in Thailand, Cambodia. Laos, Guam, American Samoa and Johnston Atoll will want to attend to see it they are eligible to take another bite at the VA Compensation apple, as they now have the same Agent Orange Presumptive rights as boots on the ground veterans.

View Event Flyer

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Maureen Adams Accredited Veteran Service Officer, Director Berrien County Veteran Services Office 701 Main Street St. Joseph, MI 49085 Phone: 269-983-7111 ext 8510 | Fax: 269-982-8666

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